Are You Scared of Visiting a Dentist – Dentophobia

Dentalphobia, which is also known as fear of going to the dentist, is actually a fairly common ordeal that people have. There is a long list of other phobias that can exacerbate the Dentalphobia. When you think about going to the dentist and you experience fear, ask yourself what is causing that fear. Sometimes, it is not the dentist at all, but a fear of needles, or even doctors. Identifying the cause of the fear can help you to overcome that fear. The last thing any dentist wants to do is cause you pain, and knowing that can also help.

A great San Diego dentist understands what patients of all ages goes through when they are afraid of going to the dentist. Here are some tips that are helpful in overcoming Dentalphobia.

First, ask your dentist about the procedure. Understanding what they are going to do helps to calm you down. Sometimes it is very helpful to see the tools. Many dental tools look a lot more menacing then they really are.

Ask your dentist about pain free dentistry. New discoveries and modern techniques have made pain free dentistry very possible. Additionally, many dentist offer local anesthetic or sedation. One of the best tools that you can bring with you is your own music. Bring your iPod and listen to music. It will not only help you relax it will give you something else to focus on while you are at the dentist.

Talk to the dental assistant about how you are feeling before the procedure starts. They often have suggestions or options to help you relax. If you are just choosing a dentist, ask your insurance about which dentist has the best consumer response. That can be a great clue to finding a great dentist. Reading customer reviews can also help you find the best Dentist in San Diego.

Overcoming your fear of the dentist is fairly easy. You choose the best dentist possible, ask questions, and then use all of the tools available to you to work through your fears. We are always willing to help you by providing caring services that improve your smile, and keep your teeth healthy. If you have questions about our services, then please ask our staff. We are always happy to help.