At Home Oral Hygiene

Most of your dental care should be done at home. It is important to get in for regular cleanings and of course to take care of problems which inevitably arise, but the majority of the time, your dental health is in your hands. Do you know how to keep your teeth healthy and clean? It’s not difficult, but many people get in trouble by not being consistent.

Here are a few simple things to add to your daily to-do list:

* Brush at least twice a day. Three times a day is ideal, especially after meals. (Remember to change your brush every three months)

* Brush is small, gentle, circular motions on the front facing and back facing portion of the teeth. Brush in back and forth strokes on the up and down facing side of the teeth. Don’t forget to brush all three sides of your teeth!

* Brush your tongue!

* Make sure to floss, too.

These simple steps will help ensure a clean bill of oral health the next time you’re in for your regular check up. Learn more about what you can do at home and contact us to scheduling a cleaning.