Dental Fillings – San Diego

No one wants to have to get a dental filling, but for most people, they are inevitable. Even with proper dental care, a filling may be necessary at some point. San Diego Dentist, Dr. Fakhimi understands that patients  may be nervous and apprehensive about the process and works hard to make it as enjoyable, relaxing and pain-free a process as possible. In years past, fillings were something of an eyesore when the mouth was open, but now fillings have become virtually invisible. Dr. Fakhimi uses white fillings and composites which look natural and blend in seamlessly to your smile.

Don’t wait until you have pain! It is important to have regular check ups at your dentist and not just go when there is a more serious problem. Having regular check ups can help prevent more serious problems through early detection and proper cleaning. Fillings will last you several years before needing to be replace, however, they are under constant stress from chewing and those to clench or grid their teeth are putting even more stress and wear on the fillings, meaning they may need to be replaced sooner.

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