Dental Implants at Soft Touch Dental

Soft Touch Dental has several cosmetic dental procedures to help improve imperfections in your smile. A common problem that many people have which causes them to feel very self-conscious and may even prohibit them from smiling or speaking freely is missing teeth. Dr. Fakhimi has helped countless men and women with missing teeth by using San Diego Dental Implants. A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth which is implanted in where the missing tooth is which improves not only your smile but also bone loss in the jaw.

With a Dental Implant you will be able to eat the foods you normally eat. Dental implants are extremely durable and effective. It’s amazing how filling in the gaps lefts by a missing tooth or teeth restores years to a persons face and energy. The evidence of this is alarmingly clear in our Before and After Dental Implants Photo Gallery. Take a look for yourself and the see what possibilities lie ahead for your smile.

Get a new lease on life- restore your smile! Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fakhimi.