Dental Patients That Make Great Candidates for Dental Veneers

Dental veneers provide a quick, easy solution for patients looking to improve their smile. These tiny strips of porcelain are bonded or cemented to the enamel of the teeth in an effort to give the appearance of a white, bright smile.

Veneers are typically recommended for use when trying to correct surface stains, chipped teeth, slightly crooked teeth, small gaps, or tiny holes. While this dental procedure provides a quick fix solution to these problems, it may not be the best solution for everyone. Some patients will not be good candidates for this procedure.

The most common problem or ailment that eliminates an individual as a likely candidate for dental veneers is a previous history of unhealthy teeth or gums. Weak enamel is also another huge problem. Dental patients who are currently dealing with severe tooth decay, weak tooth enamel, or gingivitis may be told they are not able to have veneers.

Unhealthy teeth and gums present a problem to dentists as they are unable to bond or cement the porcelain to the enamel of the tooth. Even if the veneer can be placed on the tooth, there is a chance it will fall off if the tooth starts to crumble or decay over time. Dental patients that suffer from these problems may be able to get veneers in the future if the problems are fixed.

Grinding or clenching the teeth while sleeping is another reason for preventing patients from being able to get veneers. Porcelain is not designed to withstand such pressure. If a patient grinds or clenches their teeth, the veneers could break or chip.

Only a dentist can provide a patient with a better understanding if they would make a good candidate for dental veneers. Discussing using dental veneers as an option for fixing a current dental problem can be discussed during a regularly scheduled dentist appointment or at a consultation.