How Bright is Your Smile?

It’s the summer and the perfect accessory to your swimsuit and your tan is a perfect set of pearly whites. There are many things which can effect the color of our teeth from smoking, drinking dark drinks such as coffee and sodas, various foods and so on. Taking good care of your teeth is important; brushing at least twice daily, flossing, and getting regular check-ups and cleanings, but even so, one can still be left with duller than desired teeth.

There are two easy ways to get the brightest smile on the beach. You can have it done right here in our office or you can do it at home. Teeth whitening will remove those stains which discolor and dull the teeth. The results are dependent on your specific discoloration situation, but in general, results of between 2-6 shades whiter are noticeable.

Contact our office to learn more about how you can turn your smile bright and shiny for the summer and beyond!