Is Professional Teeth Whitening Really Different from Store Brought Products?

Everyone has the goal of trying to keep their teeth as white and bright as possible. In an effort to help people remove stains and discoloration on the teeth, several major dental product manufacturers have created teeth whitening products that can be purchased in the store.

Many dental patients try these teeth whitening products and forego a professional teeth whitening procedure from a dentist because they believe they are better or the same, but they are not. Professional teeth whitening procedures are actually safer, more cost effective, and faster than using at-home kits purchased at the store.

Many at-home teeth whitening kits purchased in the store use gels or whitening strips that contains whitening agents that could be harmful to the teeth. These whitening agents when used on a frequent, daily basis can start to wear down the teeth’s natural enamel. When the enamel wears down it can cause pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, and even increase the potential for cavities to occur.

Professional teeth whitening procedures conducted under the supervision of a dentist still use teeth whitening agents, but they are not as harmful to the teeth. The procedures are also shorter and conducted less frequently than the in-home kits, which means the teeth are not exposed to the whitening agent as often. The dentist can also make sure that the powerful teeth whitening agent that is used does not touch the gums on patients that have sensitive or irritated gums.

In addition to the difference in whitening agents that are used, professional teeth whitening procedures could actually get patients results faster. Dentists have access to powerful, yet safe teeth whitening agents. These teeth whitening agents may be able to help patients see results after just one office visit.

The at-home kits that are available in the store may get teeth white and bright, but they do so in a considerably different way than professional teeth whitening procedures conducted by a dentist.