San Diego Composite Fillings

San Diego based dentist, Dr. Fakhimi specializes in white fillings and composites and has helped countless patients achieve seemingly invisible fillings that are much more visually pleasing and natural looking than the older, dark ones which stand out like an eye sore every time you open your mouth.

While a healthy tooth is obviously the most ideal, it’s very likely at some time in all of our lives we will need a filling (or two). A filling is required with a tooth has some decay. It is important to have regular check ups at your dentist and not just go when you are in pain or when there is a more serious problem. Having regular check ups can help prevent more serious problems through early detection and proper cleaning.

Fillings will last you several years before needing to be replace, however, they are under constant stress from chewing and those to clench or grid their teeth are putting even more stress and wear on the fillings, meaning they may need to be replaced sooner.

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