San Diego Dental Crowns

You may think your teeth are beyond repair- you’d be surprised how many people feel defeated by the condition of their teeth before they even bother to learn their options. Then, once they do, they are often surprised at how simple it can be to get the results they never thought they’d be able to enjoy. Stop living in the dark. If you are hiding your cracked, deteriorating, discolored, crooked or heavily filled teeth behind closed lips and a stubborn attitude that nothing will help, it’s time to learn about Dental Crowns.

Dental Crows are tooth-shaped caps that are made out of either metals or porcelain. In addition to restoring your smiles appearance, they actually also help to protect your teeth from further deterioration. Take a look at some of the amazing Smile Makeovers via our Dental Crowns Before and After Gallery. Contact our office to begin discussing your own options today!