Soft Touch Dental Smile Gallery

A smile makes a huge difference in your visual appearance and in your emotional health, not to mention the physical importance of a healthy smile. There are so many things that can throw a kink into our smile and cause us to shun our smiles out of existence. From crooked, misaligned teeth, to gaps and missing teeth, stained and chipped teeth, rotting and deteriorating teeth… the list goes on. While most people realize the beauty of a smile, no one really realizes it’s importance until they’ve been without it for so long and then they get it back.

Take a look at our Before and After Smile Makeovers to see what a difference a confident smile makes!

As you’ll notice in our gallery, every patient comes in with a unique set of challenges, needs and goals. Dr. Fakhimi works on a person by person basis to evaluate your won individual needs and to create a plan that meets those needs. Dr. Fakhimi has helped countless men and women create the smiles of their dreams.

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