Why Adults Prefer Invisalign Treatments Over Traditional Metal Braces?

Long gone are the days where adults have to walk around with metal wires, rubber bands, and braces just to get their teeth straightened. New dental technology allows individuals to straighten teeth, close small gaps, and even correct overbites/underbites without requiring the use of metal braces.

Invisalign is the most popular procedure used by adults to straight or correct problems that occur with their teeth. Using a series of clear, plastic trays, this dental procedure applies gentle pressure to the teeth that allow them to shift back into proper alignment.

There are a number of reasons adults choose this orthodontic procedure over other orthodontic procedures. The following are three of those reasons.

Clear, Plastic Trays Allow Treatment to Go Unnoticed

The alignment trays that are used for this orthodontic procedure are made out of a clear, see-through plastic. Chances are when patients are wearing them people will hardly notice them.

This ability to undergo orthodontic treatment without having people notice is one of the reasons it is so popular amongst adults. Many adults do not want to have to walk around with a mouth full of metal and rubber bands.

Very Few Food Restrictions

Metal braces come with a laundry list of foods and snacks that need to be avoided. Invisalign treatments do not have this type of food or snack restrictions. In fact, there are almost no restrictions placed on patients when they are undergoing this type of adult orthodontic treatment. This allows people to enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about having it get stuck in the metal of the braces.

Fewer Trips to the Dentist are Required

One of the most frustrating aspects of braces is how time consuming they can be. Patients have to plan on visiting the orthodontist at least every two to three months. This new orthodontic treatment does not require this time commitment.

Patients who are using this new adult orthodontic treatment only have to visit the dentist/orthodontist every few months. This allows them to enjoy life without having to constantly plan a trip to the dentist.

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