Stats Don’t Lie – Why Teeth and Gum Health is Important Five Things Teeth Can Say About Your Health and Personality


You may have come cross the saying “eyes are mirror to a person’s heart”. Now if we are to tell you that your teeth can tell a lot about your physical health, personality and emotional well-being would you believe it? While you can easily read emotions on a person’s face, there is a lot of more that teeth have to narrate. Like body language and other forms of non-verbal communication there is a lot of information that is stored around your teeth. You need not be an expert in forensics or in dental science to understand the tale that your teeth can tell. Read on and you would be amazed at the amount of information that is stored in your teeth.


1. Age – Well you might relate this to forensic science and it is true that forensic scientists can easily figure out a person’s age by clinically examining the teeth, however mere look at a person can indicate his/her age. Take a look at the central incisors. During the youth they tend to be 10-12 mm in length and are rectangular in shape with rounded edges. With age they shorten to somewhere between 1-5 mm and also take the shape of a square.

2. Stress – Teeth grinding is one of the most substantiating signs of psychological or emotional. Though you would hardly notice this as you grind your teeth when you are asleep, your loved ones would definitely be able to make out the stress in your lives. Teeth-grinding is also common when people are deeply frustrated with certain things in their lives.

3. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease – Often termed as GERD this acid reflux problem tends to increase the acidity levels in your mouth. Your teeth which are in constant contact with the acid loose teeth enamel which is slowly dissolved in these acids. Over a span of time they start becoming thin and translucent. This problem is more common in older people due to damage in the natural barrier between the stomach and the esophagus.

4. Temperament – Temperament or personality of a person can easily be made out from the type of canines that the person has. For instance if your canines are prominent, pointed, and are longer than your lateral incisors you would be an aggressive person in life. While passive natured persons tend to have rounded canines which aren’t prominent. Tiny teeth are often associated with people who are weak in nature.

5. Habits & Illness – Teeth discoloration is very common among people who excessively consume alcohol or smoke. Apart from this people with severe illness and under intense medication also tend to suffer from the problem of teeth discoloration. Bright white teeth are usually considered to be a sign of health and tell that the person is in his/her best state of health.

It however needs to be mentioned that all the above factors are indicative in nature can vary from person to person. While you can easily judge a person based on these, it isn’t advisable to reach a final conclusion about him or her based on these observations alone.