Sweeter Dreams for Sleep Apnea Sufferers, You Answer is Digital Laser Imaging

Sleep apnea affects millions of people.

We have all heard of it but what exactly is sleep apnea? When we sleep, our body relaxes. Unfortunately for some, that relaxed state can cause the soft pallet tissue in their throat to collapse into the airway and the result is a blockage. In the least severe cases, the subject awakens and then has to fall asleep all over again. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to cessation of breathing and death.

Many solutions are available

• One of the most effective is an oral device that is worn while you sleep.
• This helps keep airways open ensuring a restful and safe night sleep.
• These devices are created in your dentist’s office and can be done in a day with little discomfort to the patient.
• Because the device has to be fitted to your mouth an impression of your mouth must be taken. Unlike impressions for a dental implant, or denture, this requires an impression of the entire interior of your mouth. This can be very disconcerting and uncomfortable for many patients.

Fortunately there is a solution – Laser Measuring

• A solution that is not only more comfortable, but produces better results as well.
• Laser measuring – We all think of lasers as high tech industrial tools that can cut through steel, or as office tools that can be used for pointers in meetings but laser technology also is a perfect measuring device.
• Lasers can provide precise measurements and when used to create apnea devices, the result is a more comfortable fit and a more effective device.
• Conventional impression materials actually distort the soft tissues inside your mouth slightly. This can result in a less than “perfect ” picture from which to create the appliance. If the device does not fit perfectly, discomfort can result and this can lead to problems sleeping.

Laser imaging does not distort the tissue inside your mouth

This means that the image created results in a better fit. Once the laser image is created, this is loaded into a computer driven machine that creates the actual device out of hard resin plastic for a perfect sleep every time and a safer sleep every night.

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