5 Facts You Didn’t Knew About Your Teeth

Teeth are the most integral part of any human face regions, yet not much of the attention is given to them. Knowing about a certain things gives you scope to take care of it in better way. No matter what age group you are in, being in command about every body organ in your body comes in handy. When we talk about teeth most of you might say, “What’s new to know about them”? The truth is, a very little about them are known to a general person. In this document an effort has been given over putting some light over this quintessential human body part. Here are few of the interesting facts about whom you might have got no earlier assumptions.

Teeth Facts - Soft Touch Dental


1. Sweet and sour both are not good for your teeth: In your growing years almost million times you might have heard your parents shouting out loud when you try to savor a chocolate that sweet is not good for your teeth. The truth is even sour is not. We all know that low-ph foods, sugary juices, chocolates, etc are never good for teeth as they make human teeth more susceptible to decay and germs. There are other bigger problems associated with sour in this whole situation and i.e. eroding of teeth enamel and size decrease of teeth. It is often said by dentists that citric acid is not any way good for teeth.

In case of children the effects are more adverse as their teeth are more easily corroded by acidic elements. But, all being said very few among us actually know about the sour part. This is the reason why dentists suggest having citric fruit juices with straw.

2. Enamel too has its issue: Being the hardest thing in human body, enamel does not get any special power. Its sturdiness makes it more prone to breaking. Hence, we must be very cautious about their look after. Some of the basic things like ice cream, popcorn, piercings of lip & tongue are not great option for teeth. This is because they make the enamel weak. Also, it is now proven that wearing any piercing near to your mouth causes oral deformities. In the long run one can lose teeth faster if not paid attention to this fact.

3. Losing of teeth is not related to age: There is a major taboo that for losing teeth there is a certain age limit; this is not true in any level off course. A person can lose their milk teeth in any age and it applies for wisdom tooth too. Losing of teeth due to age is also a myth; a person can lose one at any age level. This may be directly associated with gum health and other teeth related issues and not always with age.

4. Fluoride not good in mass: Use of this one in right amount is always a great option, but intake of too much can result into porous teeth. This applies for the children in the more serious way, hence use wisely and only with full knowledge of how much to use.

5. Cavities can originate from braces: People might tell you that braces have no side effect, but truth is they have. When it comes to affecting your cavities they do have negative effect if not taken care of professionally. So it’s important that you ask for braces treatment from professional dentist only.