6 Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

Teeth are very important parts of the human body and they are something we use so often, in so many ways. Many times we tend to disregard the importance of the teeth and use it in ways that only harm them. Even though teeth are considered durable parts of the body, they are liable to breakage and damage. There are numerous dental problems you could have and mostly they are the after-effects of your habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day and visiting the dentist once every six months are not enough to safeguard the teeth. You need to watch your habits and probably change them to improve your dental health. Below are mentioned 6 habits that you need to watch out for and immediately change to ensure the continuing good health of your teeth.

Habits Damaging Teeth San Diego

1. Chewing Ice –Many have the habit of chewing ice not once but several times a day. It is true that ice is completely sugar free and natural but it isn’t necessarily good for the teeth. Since ice is an extremely cold item, it makes teeth sensitive to hot and cold food items. Chewing ice can also chip off the teeth. When you chew ice, the soft tissues around a tooth tend to become numb leading to frequent toothaches. If you are finding it hard to stop the habit of chewing on ice, try an alternative such as chewing sugarless gums instead.

2. Tongue Piercing– If you find tongue piercing cool and trendy and want to get one done soon, think again. Piercing the tongue may be a fashionable trend but it poses several serious oral healthcare issues. If the piercing is not done by a professional, it can lead to infections and soreness in the mouth due to bacteria buildup. Moreover, since the metal stud continuously rubs the surface of the gums it can damage the gums as well.

3. Brushing The Wrong Way –Don’t be confused with this point. Brushing your teeth daily is very important. Brushing doesn’t harm the teeth and keep your teeth whiten but bad brushing habits definitely do. If you brush too hard and too vigorously it can wear down the enamel, irritate the gums, make teeth sensitive and also cause cavities. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and replace it every six months. You must also not brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking something.

4. Tooth Grinding and Jaw Clenching – Tooth grinding and jaw clenching are two habits which only harm the dental health. Stress is considered the most important trigger for these habits. Grinding the teeth can lead to micro fractures of the teeth. There can also be actual fractures as well. Fractures happen because the area around the teeth becomes weak.

5. Eating Sugary Items –When you acquire the habit of eating sweet candies on a regular basis you are only harming your teeth. Candies get stuck to the mouth and become the natural breeding ground for bacteria which slowly attack the teeth, gums and also bones. Having candies sometimes is not harmful and if you rinse your mouth after eating the sweet candy, nothing better than that.

6. Over-Dependence on Acidic Drinks –Do you always have an acidic drink, in other words a soda in your hand? Have you become addicted to carbonated drinks? If you have, it is time to get rid of the habit simply because such drinks are bad for your teeth. The effect of soda or other carbonated drinks is even more when you sip the drink slowly.

Getting rid of the above habits is not difficult and all it requires is a little caution and care from your end.