A San Diego Cosmetic Dentist Can Help Patients with Teeth-Gap Problems

Some San Diego locals deal with dental problems that are more cosmetic than functional. One of these dilemmas is diastema, or what is more commonly known as gaps in between the teeth. An article in ColgateProfessional.com lists down the common reasons for diastema:

Diastemas and Treatment Options

Diastemas may also be caused by a tooth size discrepancy, missing teeth or an oversized labial frenum, the tissue that extends from the inside of the lip to the gum tissue where the upper two front teeth are located. Secondary reasons involve oral alignment issues such as an overjet or protrusion of the teeth.

In the fashion industry, gap teeth can be a huge asset, as supermodel Kate Moss has proven. In the real world, though, not everyone has the moxie to rock a gap-toothed smile like she does—and get paid top dollar for doing so. Moreover, gaps in between the teeth can have adverse effects on other people’s confidence, making them feel self-conscious. It’s a good idea then to seek the help of a cosmetic dentist in San Diego.

Dentists offer a host of treatment options to address the problem of gaps in between teeth. Before a solution can be decided on, however, San Diego cosmetic dentistry practitioners need to delve deep into the matter first. For instance, patients who tend to grind their teeth while sleeping—a condition known as bruxism—may see their diastema return if the real cause of the problem is not addressed.

In most situations, braces are the ideal solution for diastema. Braces would cause the teeth to move closer to each other, minimizing the gaps as a result. A reminder about braces that patients have to take note of is that regardless of where the gaps in the teeth are most prominent, patients are recommended to wear a full set of braces. This is because tightening the spaces in between the teeth affects the entire mouth.

For minor gaps, dental bonding may be sufficient. Dentists simply have to apply the resin-based bond to the teeth, which will be used to sculpt and reshape the teeth.

For those obvious gaps, dental veneers are a possible solution. Dentists cover the teeth’s surface with a porcelain-based substance, which is then reshaped to complement the other teeth.

Gaps in between the teeth may be just a surface problem, but it can still make some people feel self-conscious. For people with diastema, a visit to trusted dentists like Dr. A. Fakhimi is an advantage as the patient can have access to a long-term solution.

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