Are Dental Implants Similar To Natural Teeth For Maintenance and Cleaning?

Good, strong dental implants can last over 20 years. That is a lot longer than other dental procedures, including bridges and partials. However, the only way to get dental implants to last that long is to properly clean and maintain them.

That leads us to ask the question ‘is cleaning and maintaining dental implants similar to natural teeth’.

The Ultimate Answer to the Question of ‘Do I Need to Clean My Dental Implants Differently’

Many people who visit a dentist for dental implants in San Diego area wonder if they have to clean their teeth differently after the procedure. The answer to that is ‘no’.

More than likely your regular oral hygiene routines will experience very few changes. There may be a change in the type of dental equipment that is used or the need to rinse the mouth with mouthwash regularly, but on the whole regular habits and dental hygiene routines will not change.

A Change in Dental Equipment – The New Toothbrush


Even though dental implants may look the same as natural teeth, they are actually made of a different material. The material that is used for dental implants is sturdy and strong, but it can chip or scratch if not properly maintained. It is a fear of chipping or scratching the implant that may require you to change out your toothbrush.

Some dentists may recommend that people with dental implants switch out their regular toothbrush for an electronic toothbrush or a manual brush with softer bristles. The softer bristles found on both of these toothbrushes will prevent the surface of the dental implant from being damaged.

Using a Floss Threader When Flossing

Flossing should already be a part of your daily oral hygiene routine and it will continue to be a part of it even after you visit a dental implants specialist. There is one slight change that may occur – the use of a floss threader.

The floss threader has been found to be able to remove food and other particles from under dental implants. Using this piece of dental equipment instead of traditional floss allows you to keep the area around the dental implant clean.

Mouth Irrigating and Using Mouthwash

Plaque, which can cause cavities and tooth decay, can build up around the dental implant area – just like with natural teeth. Plaque buildup can be prevented by simply engaging in regular oral irrigation. Using an oral irrigation system, the dental implant area can be kept clean as food particles and bacteria are swept away.

In addition to regular oral irrigation, a dentist may recommend that you rinse your mouth out at least two times a day with mouthwash. This keeps bacteria from growing in and around the dental implants and allows you to have a healthy, happy smile.

Thinking about getting a dental implant, but worried about the maintenance involved? Schedule an appointment with Dr. A. Fakhimi, a dentist at Soft Touch Dental in San Diego specializes in dental implants, to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding this procedure and its maintenance.