Dental Health Facts You Never Knew


How much do you know about your teeth? Most of us relate dental health to merely keeping the teeth and the gums healthy. But the fact is your teeth have a larger bearing on your life than aiding in food intake and letting you have a beautiful smile. Tooth and gum decay can lead to many health hazards which we unknowingly ignore. Here we shall discuss some of the facts about your teeth that you haven’t known.

Dental Health Facts - Soft touch Dental

Every three out of four adults in America are suffering from some kind of periodontal (gum) disease. The interesting part is most of them aren’t even aware of it.
One third of your tooth is inside the gum which holds them firmly. The visible part is known as the tooth crown.
There are close to 35000 cases of oral cancer reported in America each year and yet this often goes unnoticed. In fact the death rate in oral cancer related cases is even higher than cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and skin cancer.
Toothbrushes are one of the best sources of germs. They should never be kept in a damp place and should be allowed to dry naturally after each brushing. The bristles other people’s toothbrush should never come in contact with yours.
Improper brushing and flossing does more harm to your teeth than good. Many people make the mistake of going too hard on their teeth and gums to clean them and this can cause permanent wear or damage. It is important to change your brush every few weeks as they tend to harden and can cause injury to your teeth and gums.
Tooth decay is the second most prevalent disease among people in the United States. No prizes for guessing the first, it is common cold. Tooth decay can severely affect the primary function of your teeth i.e. tearing, biting, crushing and grinding food.
Routine dental check-ups don’t benefit your teeth and gums alone as they are also used to discover a number of diseases such as skin diseases, thyroid related problems, mental illness, diabetes, and even leukaemia. In fact poor gums can trigger a number of life-threatening diseases such as respiratory ailments, cardiac complication and even oral cancer.
Dental problems accounts for loss of over 20 million workdays in America. Majority of this loss can be accounted to over 50 million Americans who do not receive regular dental check-up.
The toothpaste that we use these days has been available for just over a century. In the past human beings used their teeth using charcoal, lemon juice, ground chalk, ashes, and even a mixture of honey and tooth.
Organized dental science has been there for around 150 years and prior to these people relied on street dental practitioners and even blacksmiths for their dental care.
While most of us think chocolates tend to harm our teeth but the fact is raisins and dried fruits are more harmful and result in more cases of tooth decay. These food particles tend to stay on your teeth longer and feed the bacteria resulting in decay of your teeth.