Eating Secrets – The Good and Bad Food Items for Your Teeth

All of us love to eat; in fact there is a foodie in all of us. While some like to experiment with new food items others stick to their favourites and are proud of their food loyalty. The fact is most of our diet comprise of food that are good and bad for our teeth. Let us take a look at some of the good and the bad guys in your diet.


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The Bad Food Items for Teeth

Sticky Candies – Most people carve for sugary candies irrespective of their age. Though candies please your taste buds but they are the worst enemy for your teeth. They stay in the mouth for long and this gives sugar the extra time to damage your tooth enamel. Eating them too often can also lead to tooth decay.

Snacks – We all love to have chips and crackers and often munch these throughout the day. But these can cause severe damage to your teeth. The problem is small food particles get stuck between your teeth and these carbohydrates are later converted into sugar which your teeth enamel’s biggest enemy.

Carbonated Drinks – Teenagers love sipping their cola and other beverages but these drinks are laced with sugar and this damages the teeth. Also keep in mind these drinks have substantial quantities of phosphoric and citric acids that can corrode your teeth.

Alcohol – When you are consuming alcohol in excessive amounts it would dry up your mouth and reduce saliva production that it tends to make your mouth acidic and dissolve your tooth enamel.

Dry Fruits – Sugar is bad for your teeth and dry fruits are high in their sugar content. Plus these tend to get struck between the teeth and this can cause decay of your teeth.

The Good Food Items for Teeth

Raw Vegetables – Raw vegetables are great for your teeth and act as a natural defence against tooth decay and cavities. They also keep the gums healthier and prevent bleeding and swollen gums.

Fruits – The benefits of fruits would often amaze you. Every fruit that you eat seems to be loaded with some benefits for your teeth and gums. When you chew most fruits they help in clearing the plaque and bacteria. Fruits are also rich in anti-oxidants which are good for your body.

Tea – Both green and black tea are rich in polyphenols that help in arresting the growth of plaque causing bacteria in your mouth. These reduce bad breath and also prevent cavity inside your teeth thanks to their anti-bacterial properties.

Milk, Cheese and Yogurt – All these items are rich in calcium which is the most important content of your teeth. They help in making the teeth enamel stronger and whiter. Cheese on the other hand is a saliva generator and helps in the digestion of food.

Water – Drink lots of water every day as it helps in cleansing your teeth and this prevents cavities. Also teeth reduce the acidity in your mouth preventing tooth decay.

So the next time you sit for your meal, just keep in mind what’s good and what’s bad for your teeth and gums. And remember, don’t take your teeth problems lightly and always visit a dental clinic nearby for regular checkups.