Know How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy this Winter

This New Year just like every other many among us has taken the resolution to build a fat less body, quit smoking or giving more time to family. All these and many others are the popular ones which often come to our mind, and we start it with full enthusiasm. But, have you ever given a thought about taking care of your mouth health as a New Year resolution? If not, let’s make a difference this year as you will not regret it in any way. If not anything else, you will have a striking personality with pleasing smile.

Winter Healthy Smile - Soft Touch Dental

The festive season has just been over with few more on the way. Its best time for taking sometime out of your schedule and know about various ways to keep your mouth healthy. With coziness of winter season comes many other issues and quite are associated with mouth. People suffer from sensitiveness with their gum and teeth leading to pain. There are few simple tricks to follow leading to which you will never feel the same with your mouth health. Let’s go through them now.

1. Start your day with full and healthy breakfast: A healthy body comes from healthy food intake and that’s also necessary for your teeth. The condition of the gum and enamel depends on various vitamins and minerals. Hence have fresh fruits, tea, eggs, yogurt, and calcium-filled cereal in your list. Try to stay away from sugary cereals and baked items.


2. Take ample amount of water: Having ample amount of water every day is must, in general one should consume at least 3 liters per day. Water plays a major role in dilution the consumed sugar and throws out the bacteria out of your body. Also, it helps you to hydrate building up on your energy level and boosting immunity system.

3. Use dried toothbrush: Often ignored this is a simple yet very essential way of keeping your mouth healthy. Wet toothbrush is the best loved place of bacteria. So once you are done with brushing make sure to dry it. Also, never keep your brush head uncovered.

4. Keep your tongue clean: Brushing the tongue is mandatory for ensuring fine mouth health. Never ever allow food particles to settle down in any corner of your mouth. This can lead to bacteria growth and that might harm the health of your gum. Thus, it’s wise to be safe from the very outset by brushing the tongue everyday from up and downside.

5. Never use mouthwash with alcohol content: Mouthwashes with alcohol can dry your mouth as there is the presence of chlorine dioxide. This hampers the natural production of saliva in your mouth which messes with your digestive system. People generally use it to get rid of bad breath, but studies have revealed that it enhances the tooth decaying rate and cannot keep down the bad breath permanently.

6. Use hydrogen peroxide for rinsing your mouth: This is used by many people to kill the bacteria in the mouth. Rinsing with it for at least a minute given finest result.

Hope all these tips help you to attain healthy mouth and build on to your confidence. But remember, it’s always important to give a visit to your nearby dentist on regular basis to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.