Mouth and Teeth Care Tips If You Are a Diabetic


All of us need to take good care of our teeth and mouth. If you are a diabetic you need to take extra care as high levels of blood sugar weakens your ability to fight bacteria in your mouth. In fact it encourages the growth of bacteria and this can cause serious damage to your gums and teeth. Here we shall share with you a few mouth and teeth care tips that help you maintaining health teeth and gums.

Teeth Diabetes Problems - Soft Touch Dental

Spot Warning Signs

As a diabetic, you need to spot the warning signs early. If you are experiencing, bad breath, irregular bite, swollen or bleeding gums, reddening or pull away from your teeth you need to see a dentist immediately. As mentioned earlier you are prone to oral infections and you should waste no time if you experience such problems. They would be able to perform cleanings and also suggest you medication for your oral problems. Don’t forget to inform them about your diabetic and also about your prescription medicines.

Keep The Sugar Level At Check

When your blood sugar level is under control you would automatically enjoy a healthy mouth. If these levels soar above the optimum level you would experience gum diseases, dry mouth, fungal infections and even tooth loss. Such infections can also make your sugar level rise and make it harder to control. So it’s a two way cycle, controlled sugar level equals to healthy teeth and vice versa.

Control Plaque Build-up

Food is the root cause of plaque. When the food is crushed inside the mouth, it releases acids that harm the tooth enamel and causes plaque build-up. If this isn’t cleaned regularly it can turn into tartar and build along your gums. People with blood sugar levels tend to experience the worst side of this. You can prevent plaque by rinsing your mouth property after eating a meal and brushing your teeth twice daily with a soft bristled toothbrush. Point the bristles at a 45-degree angle with the gums and clean all the surfaces of the teeth and not only the visible parts.

Floss Daily

Flossing is another technique that helps in keeping plaque at bay. It helps in cleaning those parts of your teeth which are inaccessible for your normal toothbrush. You need to floss your teeth daily and you can seek advice of your dentist for the correct flossing technique.

Care for Your Dentures

If you have dentures, you need to take good care of them. Loosely fitting and poorly maintained dentures can cause irritation and infection in your mouth. Remember, you are at higher risk of having fungal infection such as mouth sores and hence you need to take extra care of your dentures. Remove and clean them daily by rising and brushing them with warm water and a denture brush.

Say Adieu to Tobacco

If you are addicted to tobacco in the form of cigarettes, cigars or any form of smokeless tobacco, it is time to call it quits. When you have problem with blood sugar addiction to tobacco puts your mouth and gums into greater threats to diseases. Tobacco damages the tissues of your gums and can also cause them to recede. Quitting tobacco also improves your general health.

The above tips help you keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy if you are a diabetic. In fact, most of these are universal good practices that can be followed by anyone irrespective of his/her age and health conditions.