Pregnancy and Dental Care- Is Dental Care Really Important in Pregnancy?

Well-Congratulations, you are about to become a Mom. Let’s see-on your list of priorities your dental care is somewhere to lower percentage. This might not be a good idea as the host for the most important thing you will ever create, your child, caring for yourself is just like making sure your baby will have a safe home after being born. Let’s face it-up until that moment you are ” Home”.

Your ability to take care of not only of yourself but your unborn child requires that you be healthy, able to eat a healthy diet, and maintain a safe environment.

Some of the things that poor dental health can do are reducing your ability to eat healthy. This is not good for you and even worse for your newborn.

Poor dental health can affect your appetite.
Maybe that snack looks good instead of that balanced meal that might hurt a sore tooth. Well-you get the point.
A healthy mouth is the way to healthy nutrition which is essential when you are carrying a child.
Oh It’s is just a little toothache and it will go away?

You don’t really believe that do you? In a way it is OK to put off things like that when you are not conceiving a child, but think about it. A tooth aches because it is damaged. That damage can lead to an infection and that is absolutely the last thing you want your baby to be exposed to.


Pain and performance

How well to you perform when you have a headache? Do you really concentrate on everything you need to do -or are you just a bit distracted? If you are like most, pain and discomfort are conditions that affect your performance and during a pregnancy is not the time to be anything but your best.

Modern Dental Procedures are safe during pregnancy, talk to your Dentist!!

If things get bad you can just get emergency dental care right?

Dental work during the first trimester and second half of the third trimester risk putting not only you but your baby at risk. These medical procedures in modern dentistry are perfectly safe-it is so much better to avoid emergencies if possible.

So what is the solution? If you are about to become pregnant or planning a family make sure your dental hygiene is as much a priority as every other aspect of your body and overall well being. It’s good for you and good for your baby. Have any problems attended to before you become two. Do not ignore your dental needs during pregnancy and you must visit your dentist during your pregnancy to avoid any future discomfort.

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