Professional Teeth Whitening: Dispelling Some Common Misconceptions

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of all adults believe a smile is an important social asset. Not surprisingly, many people get teeth whitening to remove unsightly stains and give them a more confident smile. In fact, this procedure has become so popular that people spend $1.4 billion annually on whitening products and procedures just to attain pearly white chompers.

Misconceptions About Dental Teeth Whitening

That being said, it’s surprising how many folks still harbor misconceptions about this process. Amber Swartz of discusses a few of them:

Every Tooth Whitening Treatment is Identical
While many people tend to assume this, the reality is that a professional whitening service by a dentist tends to be far more effective than an over the counter gel. Actually, even commercially available treatments have a wide variety of strengths. Thus, not every treatment will have an identical whitening impact.

Every Tooth Will Whiten Evenly
From one person to another (and even from one tooth to another), you will notice some differences in the degree of whitening. Usually, yellow teeth react better to whitening than grey teeth. Some people have yellow teeth, due to coffee or tobacco consumption. If this applies to you, then expect to notice a more drastic whitening effect.

As Dr. Ali Fakhimi of Soft Touch Dental points out, though, there are many more prevalent myths about teeth whitening procedures.

Tooth Whitening Can Cause Oral Cancer
Yes, the whitening procedure involves the application of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to the teeth. However, several studies show that these substances are absolutely safe and will not cause oral cancer, contrary to what many people believe.

I’ll Have “Technicolor Teeth”
Crowns, bridges, and tooth fillings do not react to whitening bleaches, so as your natural teeth whiten, dental restorations will retain their original (i.e., darker) shade. You can avoid these so-called “technicolor teeth” by consulting a dentist who will whiten your teeth in such a way that they match your restorations.

If you have any more questions about the tooth whitening procedure, be sure to consult a trusted dentist in your area. Such a professional can tailor a whitening plan for you that will give you brighter teeth much faster than over-the-counter products can. Your dentist can also suggest alternative methods of whitening like adding San Diego veneers to your teeth.

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