San Diego Emergency Dentist to the Rescue: Broken Teeth Treatment

Of all dental problems, dental trauma is the one that could cause San Diego locals to become instantly unnerved. One of the most common of dental injuries is broken or cracked teeth, something that requires the immediate attention of a San Diego emergency dentist, especially when the symptoms include breathing difficulties, persistent bleeding, facial swelling, and extreme pain, as listed in an article in

Broken or Knocked-out Teeth

Dentists assess dental injuries according to the Ellis Classification of Dental Fractures. An Ellis 1 merely touches on the surface, which is the enamel or the teeth’s outer protective coating. An Ellis 2, meanwhile, means the injury extends as far as the dentin, which is the main component of all teeth. The most severe of all is an Ellis 3 since it leaves the pulp exposed—this is typically accompanied by extreme pain.

Not just a cosmetic problem

For tooth pain, most people’s usual response is to take an over-the-counter pain medicine for relief. People suffering from dental fractures, though, must remember that pain meds only provide a temporary solution.

It will still be in the patient’s best interest to go to San Diego emergency dental care practitioners like Dr. A. Fakhimi because an exposed pulp isn’t merely a cosmetic issue. This condition actually makes one prone to infection. When the infected pulp isn’t treated appropriately, the tooth will eventually die, leading to tooth loss.

Completely knocked out tooth

A tooth that’s been knocked out of its socket, or an avulsed tooth, also falls under dental trauma. In this case, the sufferer’s reaction following the incident is what decides the tooth’s fate. The knocked-out tooth should be retrieved immediately and rinsed off clean with water—but not scrubbed. The tooth must also be handled by the crown, and the patient must do his or her best to avoid touching the root. Afterward, the patient must visit an emergency dentist who can re-implant it.

Dental injuries like a broken or knocked out tooth can be a traumatic experience. Fortunately, a host of treatment options are especially designed for these injuries. As long as patients seek immediate dental care, they’ll have access to the most appropriate solutions for their dental problems.

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