Statistics That Will Make You Brush and Floss Right Now


Have your friend told you sometime that your mouth stinks? If yes, then for sure you had done something about it, right? If you still did not have the time to act, then this write-up will make you. Guess you have not understood the graveness of oral problem. To begin with a positive thing, it must be stated here that all kinds of oral problems are curable after thorough discussion with your dentist. All the issues associated with this part of human body are preventable too.

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Over the year much transformation has been visible in the dentistry industry. You might have heard about the statement that regular proper brushing and flossing keeps all your mouth related issues miles away. Right food habit and proper care of the gums and teeth keep your smile flawless all the time. So, if you are still not cautious enough about your teeth then here are few dental facts to prompt you think more seriously.

Few statistics that you must know

1. Almost one fourth among the children of age group of 2 to 5 years in the United States is suffering from tooth decay. In the age group of 12 to 15 years almost 50% among them are suffering from the same issue. Thus, this issue can come knocking your door too.
2. Not even the average United States adults got spared from this. Around 4 to 12% among the adults are suffering from gum related problems. Cigarette smoking is considered to be a major reason behind all these. This is because statistically it is proven that smokers are three times more prone to mouth related issues. Hence move now, if you fall in this category.

3. Don’t consider yourself safe if you do not smoke, as the issue does not generate only from smoking, if you don’t have the habit of regular brushing your will be next victim. It is seen that around 27% of the urban population in U.S suffers from the same issue who are found to be leading irregular lifestyle and hence do not follow regular routine based brushing schedule.

4. In severe cases a person looses all their teeth. One fourth of the adult population above 65 years has lost their total set of teeth.

5. You will be surprised to know that ever year 7800 U.S citizens lose their life every year from oral and pharyngeal cancer. This number is increasing every year and WHO is really concerned about this fact. They have advised certain basic precaution to avoid such station. Among the list of precautions prime ones are brushing and flossing.

6. You would be curious to know that mouth is that part of your body which shows the first sign of HIV infection, hence never compromise with the take care of this region of body.

Remember Oral Health Problems are expensive: It’s wise to stay alert from the very outset, as if you come across this ailment the getting well part is quite expensive.

• About 500 million visits are registered to dentists every year in United States.

• In the year 2010 around $108 billion was spent by patients for dentistry related issues in the U.S only.