Stats Don’t Lie – Why Teeth and Gum Health is Important


You may have come across several articles or infographics that talk about the importance of teeth and gum health. Sadly thousands of people in the United States tend to avoid going for regular dental checkups. This is often due to the fear of dental procedures and lack of awareness among people regarding tooth and gum diseases. There is also a section of the people who avoid dental check-up as their health insurance plans don’t have dental coverage. It is estimated that almost 85 percent of the total population in America are covered under health insurance, however only 57 percent of the total population have dental coverage. Lack of insurance is one of the biggest reasons cited behind not undergoing regular dental check-up.

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It is very important for you to know that majority of your tooth and gum problems can be prevented with good oral health and timely visits to a dental office. Sparkling teeth and healthy gums can add to your personality and make you more confident in your personal and professional lives. If you are still in a dilemma regarding the need for regular dental check-ups, please take note of the following stats and as they seldom lie -

In the United States 164 million of work hours are lost annually due to complication in oral diseases which can easily be prevented. It is one of the biggest reasons behind loss of work hours in the country.
Children lose about 51 million school hours annually due to dental problems. It has also been established that dental problems can cause low self-esteem of children and reluctance to smile and engage in conversation.
40% of people suffering from gum problems are unaware of these. Such problems can only be detected through thorough dental examination.
The chances of premature delivery increases by seven times in women who have dental problems. It can also lead to other complication in the newborn.
25% seniors in America who are over 65 years of age lose all their teeth. The percentage rises among those who don’t undergo regular dental check-up.
Nine out of ten cases of cavities can easily be prevented with early detection, procedures and proper oral hygiene.
Diabetic patients can save as much as $1500 annually on their treatment if they have healthy gums and teeth.
Adults with teeth and gum problems spend more than 21% on healthcare annually compared to those with healthy tooth and gums.
These stats clearly state the importance of dental health. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and bi-annual visits to a dentist is one of the best ways in which you could prevent most of the tooth and gum problems. The following tips help you maintain healthy teeth and gums

Brush twice a day with a soft bristled tooth brush holding it at 45 degree angle to the teeth. Change your tooth brush every few weeks.
Rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal to avoid food particles settling in between your teeth. They turn into acids and damage the tooth enamel.
Restrict the consumption of sugary food such as candies and chocolates and also cut down on cola, alcohol and smoking.
Production of saliva is important for the health of your teeth and gums hence include fruits and vegetables in your diet as they increase the production of saliva.