Teeth Straightening – The Smart Way of Doing It


For many parents whose kids have crooked teeth, it is a major concern. Such concerns aren’t an aberration as crooked teeth can not only spoil appearance buy can also cause biting and speech problems can also affect a child’s confidence and approach in the society. Even here a large number of parents bring their kids to our dental clinic in San Diego to have this problem connected.

Teeth Straightening San Diego

To understand the importance of getting teeth straightened, let us consider the following facts which came out of a random survey

  • 68% of the respondents considered people with straight teeth to be happy
  • 44% said people with straight teeth are considered to be smart
  • 53% of said that people with straight teeth are considered to be healthy
  • 73% people trust those who have a pleasant smile when it comes to jobs or other engagements
  • 68% respondents said people with crooked teeth cannot afford dental treatment
  • While these stats may clearly point towards the bias against people against with crooked teeth in the society but the fact remains one can’t really get over what the majority perceives. One cannot ignore the fact that people with this problem often can often feel socially isolated and always long for straight teeth. The desire to have straight teeth is further spelled in the following stats.
  • 87% of Americans would part ways with their favorite food or pastime for a year to get straight teeth.
  • 56% of people in the country consider teeth aligning treatments as worthy investment
  • The above stats and arguments shouldn’t discourage you if you or one of your loved ones has crooked teeth. The problem is completely correctable. If your child is having crooked teeth as a parent you need to opt for corrective treatment very early in their childhood.

For many years dental braces were considered to be the best cure to correct misaligned teeth. This treatment is however time-consuming and requires regular visits to a dental clinic for adjustment of the braces. However in the recent years Invisalign has emerged as the clear alternative to the dental braces.

What Is Invisalign?

It is an orthodontic device which brings in a modern approach to teeth straitening. This uses custom-made series of aligners created which are created based on the exact requirements of the user. These aligner trays are made using smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic material that the user would wear over the teeth. Over the course of time wearing these aligners help in gradually shifting your teeth into place. The movement of the teeth is controlled by the dentist who can define exact movements.

Unlike braces there are no metal brackets to attach. Here a user would need to use a new set of aligners every few weeks depending on the treatment plan. These don’t interfere with the smile nor does it create any issues with the speech and while eating.

The success of this treatment depends on the professionalism and expertise of the dentist and hence you need to zero in on one who can develop a smart treatment plan based on the needs of your child. You can also ask for references from friends and colleagues who have taken their kids or other loved ones to a dental clinic to have this problem corrected.

Remember you are spending on your child’s smile and there is no reason for you to compromise.