To Do List on Tooth Care You Should Not Ignore

You really do not have to worry about tooth care. It costs money, takes time and if you just leave them alone your teeth will just go away. Oh. That’s the point.


Dental care is a very basic task and relatively easy and low cost. Simple brushing after meals, and visits to the dentist for a cleaning are the basics. These simple activities can result in a healthy mouth and a healthy smile.

What about all the other things? Yes there are other things to consider and your dentist will advise you what is needed and explain the procedures and the costs involved. Cavities are, unfortunately, a part of life. A few people are fortunate enough to never have a cavity but for most of us this is something we have to address. A cavity is simply a spot on the tooth where the outer protective enamel has eroded due to decay and if not corrected this can rapidly progress to complete failure of the tooth. Once this happens the replacement costs escalate so it is one of those things you want to take care of early on.

In younger people-or even in adults who did not address this problem early on, misaligned teeth can lead to more serious problem down the road. Braces are a necessary expense for many people but it is a wise investment in your oral health.

Not to be forgotten are the ever important gums. Did you know that it is possible to lose a perfectly healthy tooth if the surrounding gums are in poor condition?

So what do we do?

First in the list is brushing. Also some foods that are high in acid will harm your teeth.
Sweets and soda pop are good examples of foods to partake of in moderation. It is hard to remember, but after a party where these beverages are served-rinse out your mouth.
Are you a smoker? Drink a lot of coffee? These can not only hurt your gum, but stimulate acid production in your mouth which only makes things worse.
See your Dentist twice a year.
Get a professional cleaning. No matter how careful you are, there is no substitute for a professional cleaning. Dental Hygienists use a variety of tools that just are not available at home like ultrasonic cleaners, high pressure water jets-not to mention that the hygienist can reach places you never can.
Timely tooth fillings are a great savior and can address tooth decay problem right at the start, so do not ignore if your tooth sends you signals!!
Did that sound daunting? I hope not because the amount of time you need to spend getting a check up and a cleaning is about the amount of time it takes for a long lunch and taking the time will help you enjoy your lunches for a long time to come-with a healthy set of teeth and a healthy smile.

We at Soft Touch Dental in San Diego are dedicated to your wellness and will answer any questions you may have-with no obligation..