Top 7 Dental Issues Porcelain Veneers Can Handle

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of porcelain material that recreate the natural whiteness of your teeth. They provide the strength and resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel. Porcelain is frequently the material of choice for San Diego patients looking to make slight dental position alternations, including changing the shape, size or color of a tooth.

Veneers can resolve these top 7 dental issues that contribute to unattractive smiles:

1. Gaps and spaces -  Veneers can shore up smiling deficiencies caused by gaps and spaces in the teeth. Unevenly spaced teeth can result in self-consciousness and even hamper your speech.

2. Worn teeth -  Porcelain veneers can fix the appearance of poor health and restore the look of youth associated with a great looking smile.

3. Chipped or broken teeth -  Our teeth are remarkably strong, but they can chip or fracture through biting down on something hard or injury. Often an old amalgam (silver) filling no longer supports a deteriorating tooth. Porcelain veneers along with other restorative dentistry can repair that damage.

4. Misaligned or crooked teeth -  Disproportionate or misaligned teeth can spoil your looks. Porcelain veneers transform that look.

5. Misshapen teeth - Certain genetic factors can affect the development, size and shape of your teeth. For example, the upper lateral incisors — those two slightly pointed teeth on both sides of your front teeth — have a dramatic effect on your smile. Porcelain veneers can correct incisor cosmetic problems.

6. Stained tooth surfaces - Teeth that are discolored, because of root canal treatment, for example, are prime candidates for porcelain veneer treatment. San Diego dentist veneers are made to order and sculpted to fit each patient. The porcelain material, unlike actual teeth, resists coffee, tea and tobacco stains.

7. Other discoloration caused by excessive fluoride treatment, administration of tetracycline antibiotic drugs or the presence of large resin cavity fillings.
So porcelain veneers are generally cosmetic. However, the procedure can accompany patients needing a dental makeover involving gum disease treatment.

Here are the biggest advantages of porcelain veneers:
• They are customized, thin porcelain shells and fit naturally over your existing teeth.
• As previously mentioned, they are more stain-resistant and more natural looking than the lighter composite veneers.
• They do not fade or change color.
• They are durable and resist scratching
• As previously mentioned, porcelain veneers can cover virtually any imperfection.
• They last and last. Most patients get about ten years wear from veneers.

If you are considering investing in veneers, you’ll need some serious consultation and evaluation by a qualified San Diego porcelain veneers specialist. Give Dr. A. Fakhimi a call. Your smile and satisfaction are our focus and goals here at the Soft Touch Dental Spa.