Top 7 Foods that Damage your Teeth

Eating dried cranberries and drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice may be part of your healthy diet. Unfortunately, foods like these that are sticky or acidic are also damaging to tooth enamel. Additionally, acidic foods decrease the amount of saliva produced in the mouth. Saliva is essential for keeping the bacteria in the mouth at a low level. Bacteria burn sugars found in the mouth so to keep themselves alive, resulting in a byproduct of acid that is an added threat to tooth decay. Here at Soft Touch Dental cosmetic dentistry in San Diego we suggest a dental cleaning regime of brushing and flossing after you eat the following seven foods to prevent damage teeth.


Tooth Damage


Unless you are gulping down a Frappuccino or double whipped white mocha latte, you might think your black coffee is fine for your teeth. While not always laced with sugar, coffee does contain high levels of acid that reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth.


While alcohol is not necessary sweet and acidic but it does decrease the amount of saliva in the mouth. When you combine alcohol with simple sugars and syrups, however, you increase the amount of sugar you are taking into your mouth as well.

Hard Candies

One of the more obvious choices on this list, hard candies leaves you with the desire to bite down on the treats resulting in possible tooth damage. Additionally, as you suck on these sweets, you are steadily soaking your teeth in sugary substances.

Citrus Fruits/Acidic Foods

Oranges, limes, lemons and fruit juices, as well as tomatoes, are highly acidic. These foods, when eaten alone, can create havoc on teeth due to their abrasive qualities on the enamel. Citrus fruits and most acidic foods are high in sugars, as well, creating a double whammy for dental care.

Sugar-filled Beverages

Sports drinks, sodas and fruit juices are brimming with sugar. Every time you take a drink you are showering your teeth in sugar-laced liquid. It simply coats your teeth and gets into those hard to reach places that you have difficulties reaching when brushing and flossing. Also, most of these drinks contact citric acid, which aids in the destruction in enamel.

Dried Fruits

Raisins, prunes, dried pineapple and dehydrated apple slices are good sources of many vitamins and minerals. When consumed in moderation, dried fruits can supplement a diet as part of your fruit intake. Unfortunately, the concentrated levels of sugars of these fruits are devastating to the teeth because of the sticky nature of these foods.

Starchy Foods

Potatoes, yams, bread and pasta are filling as they come with quite the staying power in the stomach. This staying power also refers to the sticky qualities of starchy foods. Eating a slice of white bread or a bag of potato chips will leave food gunk in and around your teeth. Additionally, most starchy foods are highly processed and high in sugars, creating an unhealthy dental environment.

If you would like additional information regarding what foods can damage teeth, contact Soft Touch Dental cosmetic dentistry in San Diego.