Top Five Reasons To Replace A Missing Tooth

When you are considering to replace your missing tooth you have many resources available to you including Dental Implants in San Diego area.

Let’s start with the obvious-Cosmetic
Everyone likes a nice appearance and a missing tooth can have a very serious effect on how you see yourself. This is important because how you see yourself is very much part of how others see you. A confident smile goes a long way. If you do not feel good and confident, you may be projecting that to those around you. That can affect your work relationships, social relationships and most important the relationship you have with yourself. You deserve to look and feel good!

1. The Domino Effect

Losing one tooth almost always leads to more problems. The exceptions being the very rearmost molars or “Wisdom” teeth. With the other teeth, a missing one causes the adjacent teeth to shift which can throw off the alignment of the other teeth. This is called Malocclusion, and this condition leads to more teeth shifting. Teeth can shift to the point where proper oral hygiene cannot be performed resulting in decay. That is where the “Domino” effect comes in-More decay, more missing teeth.

2. Doing What Teeth Do

While this seems obvious, understanding how your teeth work is important. You have several types of teeth and they all have a job to do. Your front teeth are for cutting and taking a bite out of something while those towards the rear are for grinding food into a size that we can digest properly. Not being able to do either of these tasks can lead to digestive problems. Missing teeth can also lead to poor eating patterns which cause another list of problems in your overall health.

3. Alignment

Your teeth are set in bone-your jawbone. When teeth are missing your upper and lower jaw do not line up properly. This not only affects the way you eat your food, but even while you sleep a misaligned jaw can lead to problems. In severe cases, this can affect your jaw joint and cause pain.

4. And if That Isn’t Enough

Missing teeth can lead to further deterioration of the jawbones. That can change your facial shape, and will also affect the way you speak. Now, not only is there an appearance issue, but your ability to communicate can be impaired as well.

5. Gum Disease

Your gums are a vital part of your oral anatomy and gum disease can develop when missing teeth leave indentations in the gum or prevent proper cleaning. Periodontal disease, disease of the gums just leads to further tooth loss.

The Bright Side!
Yes- there is a Bright Side. There are many new technologies available to restore not just your smile, but your overall dental health as well which contributes to a healthier happier you!

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