What Age Is Optimum For Starting Braces Treatment?

As recently as in the last decade the timing of braces treatment has evolved. While past generations saw braces as a treatment that occurred in the teenage years, dental professionals have found that earlier treatment is more effective. Here at Soft Touch Dental we provide one of the most skilled applications of braces in San Diego area. Let us help you determine the appropriate age for getting braces for you or someone younger in your family.

New Age of Braces

Dental professionals are becoming ever more advanced in dental care. Through research and studies it has been determined that getting braces at a younger age can prevent long term dental issues. Rather than serving as a treatment for misplaced, crowded or unaligned teeth, braces are now being used as a preventative measure. The age that is now recommended for getting braces is:


7 to 10 years old
Choosing Braces Early

In getting braces on at this early age, we can help your child correct any dental issues while they are still developing and growing. Skeletal and nonskeletal issues can be corrected by our orthodontic team before they become a permanent problem. This process is often referred to as phase one of orthodontic care. By using braces on a still developing facial structure, we can:

Use the child’s growth to our advantage in making skeletal and nonskeletal changes to the jaws
Correction of an ongoing problem can begin at this stage as a way to alleviate pain and stress on the jaws in the future
Children who get braces at an earlier age,  before they reach puberty experience a fast rate of physical growth and development. It is the optimal time to make any modifications to the jaws and teeth. Otherwise, by waiting until someone is in adolescence or adulthood, success can be much more limited. While braces treatment is almost always a viable option no matter how old the patient, it can take longer and be more painful to take the later route.

Here at Soft Touch Dental we offer professional services and options for braces in San Diego. Contact our dental office today to find out more about getting braces as a treatment for your dental needs. We will guide you through the process and help you decide the best time for getting braces for you or your child.