What Happens When You Don’t Visit Your Dentist Regularly?


A few decades back mere mention of visit to a dental clinic would scare people. Early television and imagery also played their part in portraying the dentist as evil creatures in the society. They were people who would cause your pain while grinding your teeth and scare you with strange sounds from their equipment. In fact kids were frightened at the mere mention of a dental visit. But dentistry has come a long way over the years and visit to a dental clinic not only helps you achieve an attractive smile, it can also benefit you in a number of ways. Here in this short write-up we share with you a few important facts about regular dental visits and why they are so important.

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Identifying Tooth & Gum Problems

Early identification of tooth and gum problems can help in treating them easily at the nascent stage which is less expensive and also causes minimum discomfort. Most of the gum problems aren’t visible to your naked eyes. During your visit, the dentist would carry out a thorough examination of the teeth and gums and identify any emerging problem.X-rays are used to identify severe teeth problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye and treat them.

Teeth Cleaning

While brushing and flossing are important parts of your daily routine they cannot remove tartar. A dental professional would use special tool to carefully remove the tartar in a process that is known as scaling. This is often followed by polishing which helps in removing stains and teeth discoloration thus enhancing your smile and confidence along with it.

Improve Productivity & Save On Treatment

In the United States alone people lose more than 164 million work hours and children lose 52 million hours of school per year due to dental related issue. Most of these are preventable if people were to follow good oral hygiene and visit dental clinics regularly. In fact it is estimated that every dollar spent on preventive care can save as much as 40 dollars spent on treatment of common teeth and gum related problems.

Overcome Fear& Enhance Smile

If you still feel scared to visit a dentist, it is important for you to know that dental practices and procedures in the modern world aren’t painful and cause no discomfort. Today it is more of a spa-like treatment compared with the past. A professional dentist would always explain you the procedure in detail and help you overcome all your fear regarding preventive and restorative treatment options.

You should never make the mistake of ignoring dental problems as this would allow them to turn severe. In many cases tooth and gum diseases can also turn into life threatening conditions such as cardiac diseases, cancer and can even lead to a stroke. Irrespective of your busy schedule and the fears you may have regarding dental problems you need to visit a nearby dentist regularly. Visiting a dentist bi-annually can help you enhance your smile and prevent damage to your natural teeth.