Worried About Stained Teeth? Soft Touch Dental


Are you worried about the stains on your teeth?

Stained Teeth is a very common problem individuals face these days. Blame it on eating habits, Coffee, exposure to chemicals and certain medicines, iron supplements, excessive use of fluoride and the list continues.

The first step to have your white smile back is to learn and know what exactly is causing your teeth to stain. The second step is to visit a reputed dentist like Dr Ali Fakhimi of Soft Touch Dental in San Diego to get treated for the stained teeth as he will help you to find out the solutions that are best for having a whiter and more accepted smile.

Some of the Solutions for Stained Teeth include -

Teeth Whitening
Porcelain Dental Veneers etc
Some Solutions for Coffee Stained Teeth

Here is an infographic which explains different types of stained teeth and solution to remove stains. It also gives you quick tips to avoid coffee stains. Read moreā€¦