Do I Need a Dental Implant? Signs You May or May Not Need a New Tooth

A dental implant is a special restoration used in cases where a tooth is severely damaged and needs to be replaced. Titanium screws are implanted directly into the jawbone to act as an anchor for an artificial tooth. In this way, complete functionality is restored fast – the patient gets a strong, resilient replacment tooth that’s indistinguishable from the original.

For some people, an implant is a great way to combat severe dental problems.

But is it always the right choice? In general, dentists favor using the least invasive approach to their patients' health challenges. Whenever a tooth can be repaired or restored, it should be. Removing and replacing a tooth should only be considered when it’s definitely in the patient’s best interest.

So how do you know when an implant is the best choice?

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Implant, Filling or Other? Choosing the Right Restoration for You

As always, your best ally in deciding how to improve your dental health is your dentist. Still, if you’ve been experiencing symptoms, you probably have some suspicions about what might be going on.

Let’s look at common situations where people consider dental implants.

You experience intermittent tooth pain that isn’t very severe

Tooth pain that comes and goes should be looked into promptly, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s severe decay. Mild, transient pain can be caused by a number of factors. These include things like temperature extremes and even brushing too hard. Schedule a regular checkup and cleaning with your dentist and try to figure out what causes, if any, are associated with the pain.

You experience some pain in a tooth that already has a filling in it

Filling a tooth will protect it for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to decay. If you are noticing discomfort in a tooth that’s filled, the filling itself might need to be replaced. Old-fashioned amalgam fillings should be examined after 10 years of service. Non-filled surfaces of the teeth can still suffer from cavities.

You notice redness and bleeding in the gums around a tooth

Bleeding and discoloration are typical symptoms of periodontal disease, where bacteria attack the gums. Generally, it takes a long time for periodontal disease to develop, but you should see a dentist if you notice symptoms for longer than a few days. Bleeding that occurs only once can be caused by brushing too hard, but keep your eyes peeled if you notice it.

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Most signs you may need dental implants don’t turn out to be quite that bad. Still, if you have severe decay in a number of teeth, it’s time to explore affordable dental implants in San Diego. For the experienced dental implant dentist in San Diego you can trust, contact Soft Touch Dental today.